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Why Get Involved


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We need to come together to create a food and farming system that works for farmers, consumers and the environment
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Add your voice to show your business or organisation supports the Consensus on Food,
Farming and Nature.

Our broken food system is driving nature loss and climate change. Without urgent action to tackle these impacts, we will compromise our ability to produce food. The Consensus on Food, Farming and Nature will advance the nature and climate friendly practices already embedded on leading farms in diverse UK landscapes. This transformation will give us healthier people, resilient farming livelihoods, prosperous rural communities, thriving wildlife, and reduced climate impacts

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Supporting Positive Change

By adding your voice, you will make a difference. A broader consensus will create a stronger platform for signatories to engage with governments and stakeholders to secure actions that support a vibrant future for food, farming and nature.


And it will help people to influence their organisation’s own strategies. We warmly invite organisations and businesses to be a part of this consensus for fixing the food system

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FFC Illustration Art


This sign up form has been set up by the Nature Friendly Farming Network on behalf of the Consensus on Food, Farming and Nature. The information you provide will be used for the purpose of demonstrating organisational support for and agreement with the Consensus. Your name and email will be used for verification purposes. Your name, job role and organisation, will be used to show organisational support on this site. The NFFN will manage your data in accordance with the privacy statement on this website. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting the nature-friendly farming network, using the details provided in the privacy notice.

Add your voice

Show your support for a transition to a resilient, nature positive and equitable food system

Thanks for supporting the consensus

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