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Forging a way forward

Healthy food and a healthy planet, towards a consensus on the future of farming
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About The Consensus

A group of farmers and environmental organisations met at the 2023 Oxford farming conferences to forge consensus on a way forward for farming.
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This solidarity is an important step in securing a shared transition to a more resilient, nature positive and equitable food system that recognises the needs of people and the planet. This consensus rests on a shared understanding that:

A healthy natural environment underpins food security.

Farming is vital, to produce the food we eat, and it is also central in tackling the nature, climate and public health crises.

Diversity in nature, in farming systems and amongst those involved in farming, along with diversity in farm animals and crops, will enable resilience and innovation in the face of climate change and economic challenges.

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The consensus brings together

Farmers, crofters, foresters and land managers

The consensus brings together farmers who believe that working with nature is central in building a food and farming system that tackles the nature, climate and public health crises.
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The consensus outlines a shared agreement on the need for ambitious food system change
The Consensus
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